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Proper management of IP assets can help companies improve their operating performance. Companies that use the latest technology to promote the transformation of IP businesses and use IP big data to make the best decisions are more likely to succeed.

Based on 50 years of IP industry experience, we create first-class technologies and solutions for you, help you reduce the labor burden of IP work, provide accurate insights that help improve business strategies, and help you reduce risks with a successful patent portfolio.

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Transform Processes

Transform IP operations in a single platform to empower your IP department.

Improve Data Quality

Get reassurance through reliable data along with access to comprehensive IP and business data for decision support

Take Portfolio Control

Manage your portfolio to enable and differentiate your business.

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how cpa global is helping koch implement its long-term ip vision.

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The Future of IP Management Technology

Independent research firm B2B International and CPA Global, reveal the current landscape of IP management technology, market expectations and technology’s potential for IP.

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CPA Global continuously invests in developing its products, offers regular product updates and releases, and involves its clients in new product direction were key decision

Canon Europe

When we went live, we really wanted people to use Memotech and we were hoping to get two-thirds of the group to use it. But, we’re at 100% user adoption. This is the tool of record, this is what they all use, and they love it.

Melanie Carmosino
Director of IP Operations, Microsoft